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The power of synchronized units amounts to more than 3500 KVA!

We offer a wide range of 100% quiet, as well as mobile power generators which are an effective way of power generating.
We are fully effective and economic in electric energy production; we also rent high power electric cables.

We offer you a thorough preparation of high power generation system and synchronization which guarantees continuity in electricity delivery process. We deliver the equipment, activate it, provide our service in place where the event is held, deliver fuel and take the equipment back. We also guarantee 24/7 technical assistance!

Our offer of power generator rentals is designated for the organizers of:

  • both small and large open air events
  • various sport events
  • concerts and musical performances
  • live TV-programmes
  • for industrial plants where a power breakdown may generate a serious financial loss

We offer emergency power generators to all sectors of activity, anywhere and anytime.

A power generator is the best solution in case of a power breakdown!




Price list

Type of generatorRental cost PLN (net)TransportAverage combustion
1650 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request5.00 PLN/km50-330 l/h
1250 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request5.00 PLN/km50-300 l/h
1000 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request5.00 PLN/km50-280 l/h
700 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request5.00 PLN/km35-150 l/h
550 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request5.00 PLN/km30-110 l/h
500 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request5.00 PLN/km30-110 l/h
385 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request4.00 PLN/km20-85 l/h
350 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request4.00 PLN/km20-85 l/h
2×165 kVA (Doublepack 330 kVA) Self-propelled vehicleon request4.00 PLN/km35-150 l/h
275 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request3.50 PLN/km12-55 l/h
275 kVA Traileron request3.50 PLN/km12-55 l/h
220 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request3.50 PLN/km12-47 l/h
150 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request2.50 PLN/km10-35 l/h
100 kVA Traileron request2.50 PLN/km9-27 l/h
80 kVA Traileron request2.50 PLN/km9-17 l/h
78 kVA Traileron request2.50 PLN/km9-17 l/h
70 kVA Traileron request2.50 PLN/km7-14 l/h
60 kVA Self-propelled vehicleon request2.50 PLN/km7-14 l/h
40 kVA Traileron request2.50 PLN/km6-11 l/h
6 kVAon request
3 kVAon request

For Wrocław and Warsaw delivery included in the rental cost of generators.
Prices do not include the costs of used fuel
Generators rental-all prices are net. Prices concern a 12 hour working time of the generator
This offer does not constitute an offer under the Commercial Code or any other relevant regulations
Generator rental is a service which will alllow for a smooth organization of events.

Power generators

Reliable power supply and distribution of electric energy, Experienced technical maintenance team, 24-hour, professional help.

Cables/Cable protectors

Heavy duty cable protectors ready to be laid in any place, stable, made of plastic and durable material.

Switching Stations

Switching stations of different types with protections allowing for effective control over power supplying devices.

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