Our Offer » Cables/Cable protectors

Cable protectors’ load up to 7 tons!We rent high power cables!

We offer a wide range of cables and cable protectors made of plastic and weather-resistant material which is ready to be placed anywhere and without any additional installation.

The offer of the cables and cable protectors has been prepared especially for the companies organizing:

  • sport events
  • film and TV productions
  • construction firms

Cable protectors have been made especially in view of protection of cables led on any squares and streets. An insert in a cable protector created for audio-video cables prevent them from being tangled and make them effectively insulated. Extremely practical protection of a cable make it easily accessible anywhere and anytime. We offer hundreds of meters of effective cable protectors.

We guarantee effective cabling and protection of the terrain which will make service of any event or work at a building-site easy!



Power generators

Reliable power supply and distribution of electric energy, Experienced technical maintenance team, 24-hour, professional help.

Cables/Cable protectors

Heavy duty cable protectors ready to be laid in any place, stable, made of plastic and durable material.

Switching Stations

Switching stations of different types with protections allowing for effective control over power supplying devices.

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